Garlic Farming Tips in India - Garlic Benefits

Garlic comes in 11 horticultural varieties. Chesnok Red wins awards for its delicious taste when baked. Georgian Crystal and Georgian Fire have high allicin levels when crushed.
Garlic grows best at elevations of 1200–2000m. It needs short days, cool (12–18°C), and moist conditions during growth. Ideal soil is well-drained, rich in organic matter, with pH 6–7.
Prepare garlic soil by ensuring it's dry and free of rocks and plant debris. Avoid areas where garlic or onions grew in the past 2 years. Add 16 tons of decomposed manure per acre during land prep.
Mulching is essential to shield garlic from freezing and thawing, which can dislodge cloves. While snow cover helps, additional mulch is recommended for optimal protection.
Garlic, a shallow-rooted crop, requires regular watering, especially during bulb formation and development. Irrigate immediately after planting and every 7-10 days based on soil moisture.
The crop matures in 135-150 days after sowing. Harvest when 50% of leaves are yellow and dry. Stop irrigation 15 days before. Pull out plants, tie in bundles, and leave in the field for 2-3 days.
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