Gardening Tips for Beginners - Know How to Get Started

If you are planning to start a garden in your house's backyard and you are a beginner, so, the given tips will help you to start your garden.


You must put the location primary, which should be an open space where you can spend time, roam and plant easily.

Adequate Sunlight

Choose the spot where your plants can get adequate sunlight because plants require at least 6 hours of sunlight to thrive better.

Water Source

Water source is necessary for a plant growing because feeding is important whether it is water, sunlight, soil etc.

Suitable Soil

Soil suitability is a must, as every plant has its own requirement to grow. Commonly the soil should be nutrient-rich, well-drained and balanced with pH value.

Choose the Best Plants

Choose the plant which you love, like flowers, vegetables, fruits, medicinal herbs and ornamental plants.

Feed Regularly

Feeding is important, so feed them with water, manure, sunlight etc.

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