G20 Summit 2023 Best 5 Millets In India

Millets are nutritional crops, offer various health benefits and are known for their extensive use in Indian dishes. Therefore, the G20 summit is showcasing their significance.
This millet variety is also known as pearl millet, and it is loaded with magnesium and iron. Bajra is also beneficial for weight loss and makes the digestive system better.
Ragi is considered a superfood as it significantly boosts immunity and manages cholesterol levels. Another name for ragi is finger millet, which has essential nutrients.
Kangni is enriched with protein and fibre, which are important for digestive health and muscle building. Kangni is also called foxtail millet, and it contributes to bone health.
Proso millet or barri is another nutritional millet in India that provides the essential vitamin B6 for the proper functioning of the body. It is also helpful in improving digestion.
Sanwa is a healthier alternative and gluten-free cereal for weight loss. The other name for the Sanwa crop is barnyard millet, and it has numerous essential nutrients.
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