Force Balwan 500 Puddling Special Tractor for Farming

The Force Balwan 500 tractor type features a 50 HP and 2200 RPM engine performance. This range is appropriate for smoothly operating a variety of farm tools as well as the tractor.
The synchromesh transmission type of the Force Balwan 500 tractor model comprises an 8F + 4R gearbox. This style of transmission delivers smooth and efficient gear shifting.
This tractor model is equipped with a power steering/mechanical system. This feature allows effortless maneuverability, precision control, and less operator fatigue, making it suitable for long hours of operation.
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Farmers prefer the Force Balwan 500 because it provides excellent value for money. The normal pricing range for this tractor is between Rs. 7.60 Lakh and Rs. 7.85 Lakh.
A standard 3-year warranty is included with the Force Balwan 500 model. However, the warranty's terms and coverage may change depending on the model and location.
This 2WD tractor type has a 60-litre fuel tank capacity, enabling extended use without frequent refills, making it a highly useful and cost-effective solution for various applications.
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