Fig Farming ( Anjeer ) Tips: Fig Cultivation in India

Fig or anjeer are highly profitable for farmers due to their taste and nutritional value. Figs are used in different cuisines and have high demand in the markets.
The popular varieties of figs in India are Brown Turkey, Black Mission, Kadota, Conadria, and Calimyrna. These fig varieties are profitable and highly grown due to their taste.
Fig farming needs high temperatures with high irrigation for optimal growth. However, temperatures below 30°C are harmful to the healthy production of fig plants.
Fig farming thrives on well-drained, medium to heavy, calcareous soil. For the best production of figs or anjeer, the soil pH level between 6 and 7 is recommended.
Square pattern is preferred for planting in fig farming. The suggested spacing for growing healthy fig plants is 5 x 5 m. As a result, 160 plants can be grown with this spacing.
Cutting the excess stem and leaves of fig farming is essential in fig farming. The training helps generate a profitable production, leading to higher profits for farmers.
The harvesting season in fig farming is February-March and May-June. The harvesting process is carried out in 2 to 3-day intervals, and fruits are plucked by hand for better yield.
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