Farmtrac Atom 35 Best Mini Tractor for Farming

The Farmtrac Atom 35 Tractor is equipped with a high-performing 35 HP engine, delivering 2700 RPM with the help of 1758 CC displacement capacity, for every farming task.
Farmtrac Atom 35 has a full constant mesh transmission, this mini tractor gives a smoother driving experience. Its 9 forward + 3 reverse gears are easily operated by Single/Optional clutch.
Farmtrac Atom 35 comes with 1200 kg hydraulic lifting capacity and helps in carrying heavy weighted farming implements. Also, it can effortlessly power the agricultural machines with a 28 PTO HP.
There is a powerful and effective oil-immersed disc braking system fitted in the Farmtrac Atom 35 mini tractor, offering superior control on every farming terrain.
Farmtrac Atom 35 can easily handle this mini tractor with the help of a power steering system. It ensures proper safety of the operator by providing an adequate turning radius.
Farmtrac Atom 35 mini tractor comes with a 3000 hours or 3 years warranty. Moreover, the Farmtrac Atom 35 tractor price is Rs. 5.95 to 6.40 lakh in India, reasonable for farmers.
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