Exotic Fruit Farming in India

In addition to producing mangoes, citrus fruits, and bananas, India is also the world's second-largest producer of exotic fruits.
Producing exotic fruits is expensive. Thus, having a secondary market makes it even more profitable for farmers of exotic fruits.

Exotic Fruit Growing Techniques

Exotic plants can all be grown in patio tubs or other pots. Pick a container that is the right size for your growing subject if you're planting one.
Avoid setting the container on a surface where water will collect. Instead, the container should ideally be placed on a few house bricks or gravel to aid drainage.
Never fertilize exotic plants with chemicals during the first two years. Compost in good condition will release valuable nutrients as it decomposes.
It's crucial to prune your fruit trees every season to promote healthy growth. To succeed with tropical fruits, careful feeding during the summer is essential.
These fruits require a lot of water to flourish, so surrounding your tropical fruit trees with a thick coating of mulch will benefit the soil and the trees as well.
The passion, kiwi, pineapple, guava, and avocado are among the best exotic fruits. These fruits can endure low temperatures if damaged since they are relatively resistant.
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