Eicher 364 Best Mini Tractor for Farming

For consistent and active performance, the Eicher 364 tractor model comes with a 35 HP, 2-cylinder engine.
With a competitive price range of ₹ 5.05 lakhs - ₹ 5.30 lakhs and an impressive 2000 hr/2 year warranty package, the Eicher 364 tractor offers exceptional value to farmers.
The Eicher 364 tractor model boasts a power transmission system with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, providing reliable and efficient performance on the field.
With a remarkable lifting capacity of up to 1600 kg, the Eicher 364 tractor is perfect for various industrial and agricultural uses.
The Eicher 364 tractor is equipped with a sealed dry disc braking system capable of providing reliable and efficient stopping power.
The precise and effortless mechanical steering system of the Eicher 364 tractor allows for optimal manoeuvrability and control, making it a reliable choice for any farming task.
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