Duck Farming process & Varieties In India

The large-scale rearing of ducks to obtain its products in the form of meat and eggs for commercial purposes is known as Duck Farming, and it is a highly profitable business.
The major varieties of ducks utilised for the duck farming business in India are Pati Duck, Cina-Hanh or Muscovy Duck and Campbell Duck. These three ducks offer higher yields.

In this method of duck farming the ducks are allowed to move freely in open areas without any restrictions. This allows the ducks to adapt to the natural environment for proper growth.

There is a well-defined boundary for the ducks in this method of Duck farming. The ducks are restricted in confined space and the environment is designed accordingly.
A wide range of technology is used in this method of duck farming, and a combination of modern and traditional techniques is used for the proper development of the ducks.
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