Dragon Fruit Farming Tips in India - Dragon Fruit Season

Dragon Fruit is beneficial for the heart, boosts digestion, prevents early aging, increases bone density, and reduces the harmful cancerous cells in the body.
Dragon fruit needs a dry tropical climate, and the average temperature should be 20-29ºC. The required rainfall for growing dragon fruit is 1145 to 2540 mm per year.

A free-draining soil is essential for dragon fruit plants. Therefore, a waterlogged land is not suitable for ideal growth. As a result, sandy soil is best suited for dragon fruit.

The land must be ploughed carefully to obtain the right tilth stage. Along with this, ensure the field is free from weeds, and provide compost for increasd soil fertility.
Dragon fruit is planted by cuttings and we can also plant it through seeds. However, cultivation through the seeds is not suitable for large-scale production of fruits.
If dragon fruits are grown carefully, the plant stays healthy and free from diseases. Therefore, farmers do not have to worry about pests and diseases in dragon fruit.
Dragon fruits plants start yielding in about one year after planting the seeds. Therefore, a healthy plant begin bearing fruits from the months of August to December.
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