Dragon Fruit Farming in India - Process and Method

The dragon fruit plant is a climbing, large cactus that grows tall, succulent-like branches, thickens, and produces yellow or bright red fruit.

Suitable Climate

Dragons grow well in poor soils but are best suited to tropical climates with 40–60 cm rainfall for growth.

Suitable Soil

Dragon fruit requires full sun, so that plant chooses a sunny area in your garden that gets at least six hours of sunlight a day.

How to Plant Cuttings

Cut the dragon fruit into three to five pieces. Each of these pieces can propagate to a new dragon fruit plant.


Dragon plants rely on nocturnal pollinators like moths and bats to help them produce fruit. Some varieties self-pollinate, while others require pollination.

About Dragon Fruit

Dragon is also known as “Pitahaya” fruit. It is a tropical fruit well-known for its sweet, seed-speckled pulp and vibrant red skin.

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