Different Types of Profitable Farming In India

Around 60% of the Indian population relies on the agriculture sector and initiates farming with different methods according to their suitable region. So, check the different types of farming.

1. Subsistence Farming

It is one of the prominent types of farming that is done for raising livestock and growing crops for their livelihood.

2. Commercial Farming

In this farming, farmers raise crops and livestock to earn money by selling and buying them and producing items such as milk, wool, egg, etc.

3. Arable Farming

This farming is done without the interference of animals. Farmers only grow crops, fruits, and vegetables with the help of suitable machinery and enough required human resources.

4. Livestock Farming

This is profitable farming in terms of making money and can be performed simultaneously on a small and large scale.

5. Terrace Farming

It is most suitable for paddy crops that require adequate rains to thrive. Terrace Farming is done in the steps, constructed in the hilly regions or mountain areas.
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