Different Categories Of Crops - Grown For High-Profit Purposes

India is the second-largest agriculture-based country which is the backbone of the Indian economy. It consists of some major crop categories under which they grow every staple.

Food Crop

Food crops are mainly grown for the use of human consumption which are rice, wheat, maize, millets and others.

Cash Crop

A Cash crop is also called a profit crop which is more suitable for getting profit in agriculture. It majorly includes cotton crops as a lucrative cash crop.

Plantation Crop

Plantation crops play an important role in domestic requirements and employment generation including coconut, cashew nuts and others. But the tea is the most popular plantation crop in India.

Horticulture Crop

India is one of the world’s largest producers of vegetables. India can grow a wide range of horticulture crops due to its diverse physiographic, climatic, and soil characteristics.

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