Dashehari Mango Farming Tips in India: Mango fruit

This mango variety is highly popular due to its lip-smacking taste and nutrition. As a result, Dashehari Mango is profitable if cultivated on a commercial scale.
Using well-drained, alluvial, loamy soil with proper aeration for Dashehari mango farming is recommended. Also, the soil should have adequate organic matter for a healthy yield.
The pits should be dug up per the required dimensions, and we must provide sufficient topsoil. Also, only healthy seedlings must be planted in the pits for a good yield.
The season of Dashehari Mango depends on the rainfall of a particular area. As a result, different regions have varying seasons for cultivating Dashehari mango.
It is suggested to adopt hexagonal and square patterns for planting Dashehari Mango. Note that the hexagonal planting method generates 15 percent more plants in fields.
Dashehari mango thrives well in temperatures between 0°C to 46°C. Moreover, the best temperature for Dashehari mangoes is about 27°C for a high-quality production.
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