Cucumber Farming Varieties & Tips in India

The recommended season for cucumber farming is the onset of summer. It is ideal to grow cucumber in this season because the farmers will get a profitable income.
Among the wide variety of cucumbers, the famous varieties include Persian cucumbers, white cucumbers, English cucumbers, garden cucumbers and Kirby cucumbers.

For land preparation in cucumber farming, the land is well ploughed to reach fine tilth soil. Also, it is recommended to irrigate the field before sowing the seeds.

Farmers can easily produce healthy cucumbers in warm conditions for proper growth. The ideal temperature for cucumber cultivation is 18 degrees to 24 degrees Celsius.
Weeding is necessary in the initial stages of cucumber cultivation. Moreover, herbicides or chemicals are applied before and after the cucumber plant growth for weed control.
Cucumber plants are prone to frost and cold temperatures. Therefore, it is suggested to cover the cucumbers with a suitable covering to keep them warm for a healthy yield.
Cucumbers are harvested in their cultivation after 40 to 45 days of sowing. Also, harvesting is carried out 8 to 10 times in cucumber production for the required yield.
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