Crop Rotation:- Types And Its Benefit in Agriculture

What is crop rotation?

It is the method of farming in which crops are grown periodically in a planned manner in a fixed plot of land to maintain soil health, avoid and combat weeds, and maintain nutrients in the soil.

Why is it important?

It is important as it breaks weeds, insecticides, and diseases in crops that exist due to the continuous growth of the same crops.

The kinds of crop rotation

There are three types of crop rotation.

1. Annual crop rotation

2. Biennial crop rotation

3. Three-year rotation

Some advantages of crop rotation

Here are some advantages of crop rotation

1. It increases soil fertility.

2. It also improves nitrogen composition in the soil.

3. It prevents soil erosion.

Is it sustainable?

Yes, it is a sustainable farming system as it reincarnates and rejuvenates the soil without harming the other parts of ecosystem.

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