Cotton Farming Guide for Highest Production

Cotton farming starts with cotton seed plantation, crop growth and harvesting.

Types of Cotton Seeds 

Gossypium Arboreum, Gossypium Herbaceum, Gossypium Barbadense and Gossypium Hirsutum are the types of cotton seeds.

Types of Cotton

Cotton is divided into three categories based on quality and length of Cotton. However, long-staple Cotton is the best type of Cotton.

Suitable Climate 

The minimum temperature required for its germination under field conditions is 15 °C. However, the plant requires a temperature of 21-27 °C. 

Suitable soil 

Many types of soil can be adapted to Cotton. However, there is a special category of soil tailored to the plant's needs.

Methods of Cotton cultivation 

The country is divided into 3 regions where cotton cultivation is popular and is highly grown according to the varieties of Cotton.


Cotton is an important crop because it is one of the most economically beneficial and produces around 462 Kilograms per hectare". 

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