Coriander Farming Tips & Benefits in India

The large-scale production of coriander for commercial purposes is known as coriander cultivation. It is popular in Indian households for its tempting aroma in every dish.
A well-drained loamy soil with a 6 to 8 pH level is required for coriander cultivation. Also, the ideal temperature for good growth should be between 20 °C and 25 °C.
Plough the land carefully to reach a fine tilth stage required for coriander cultivation. Then, apply an appropriate quantity of Farm Yard manure for proper nutrition of the soil.
The best method for seed sowing in coriander cultivation is planting split seeds in the soil. As a result, the seeds will germinate in almost 2 weeks, producing healthy plants.
Provide the right quantity of suitable chemicals or insecticides to keep the coriander plants healthy. Also, regular hoeing and weeding allow for better plant development.
The harvesting process is carried out multiple times as per the type of product required from its cultivation. The recommended coriander harvesting season is mid-summer.
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