Complete Information Guide of Tulsi Farming

Climatic Condition

Tulsi needs a warm climate and suitable areas are tropical regions. A temperature between 7 to 27 degrees celsius is perfect for its development.


Fertile soil with organic content is known best for the growth of Tulsi. Rich loam, saline and alkaline soil with pH 4.3 to 8.2 is crucial for tulsi farming.

Land Preparation

Tulsi plantation is done on fine tilth land with a basal dose of necessary fertilizers. Also, organic manure can be given to the soil if needed.


Requires drip irrigation method or sprinkler method with 12 to 15 irrigations annually at regular intervals and no water is given during the rainy season.


Harvesting is done carefully manually and sterilized containers are required for the plucking of leaves. It is harvested after 90 to 95 days of planting, when the plant reaches full bloom.


One hectare of land gives 10000 leaves of tulsi and 10 to 20 kgs oil can be extracted from this yield.

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