Complete Information About Garlic Farming In India

Climatic Condition

Garlic is produced at 1200 to 2000 m above sea level and requires 12 to 18 degrees celsius temperature.


Well-drained friable soil with organic waste is suitable for Garlic Farming. The soil pH range between 6 to 7 is considered ideal.

Land Preparation 

Garlic is planted at 15 X 10 cm spacing. The land should be ploughed to reach a fine tilth stage to form furrows and ridges at 30 cm spacing.


Garlic requires irrigation both before and after the sowing stage at regular intervals. Proper irrigation is provided 3 days after planting and later at weekly intervals.


When the top of the plant starts turning yellow or brown and when it begins to dry, it is considered the perfect time for harvesting.


Garlic gives 8 to 10 hectares of yield from one hectare of land. 

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