Coconut Farming Tips & Varieties in India

There are mainly two variety of coconuts– the tall variety and the dwarf variety. However, the dwarf variety has a shorter lifespan, compared to tall coconut varieties.
Coconut can be grown in a variety of soil, such as laterite, loamy, alluvial, clayey and coastal sandy. However, the soil must have proper drainage for coconut farming.
Coconut is a tropical plant and it needs a 2000 mm of well-distributed annual rainfall is required for the ideal plant growth and high-quality production of yield.
We should provide fertilisers such urea, super phosphate and Muriate of potash in Coconut farming. The amount of fertilisers vary according to the coconut variety.
One-year old plants, which have minimum six leaves and 10 cm thickness, are planted in the main field. If the seedlings are healthy, we can notice early emergence of leaves.
Coconut can be harvested multiple times in a year depending upon the sown variety. Moreover, coconuts mature after one year of the opening of the plant spathe.
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