From Seed To Spice: Clove Farming In India

Clove is a popular spice in the Indian subcontinent which has a shape of nail. The scientific name of clove is Syzygium aromaticum and it is extensively used in cuisines.

The popular varieties of clove are penang, zanziber and ripe fruit of clove plant. All these clove varieties are cultivated on a large scale because of high demand.
The ideal climate for growing cloves is suggested to be warm and humid. Cloves require 150-300 cm of annual rainfall for healthy growth and 20-32°C temperature.
A rich loamy soil with good amount of organic matter is recommended for growing cloves. However, soil with water logging is unfavourable for the cultivation of cloves.
Cloves are harvested before the opening of buds when they are still green. The harvesting process is carried out manually because the buds of cloves are delicate.
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