Choose the Suitable Apricot Tree Variety to Plant in India

Grow a wide range of apricots now in your gardens and lawns because it needs less water requirement. It is a Mediterranean crop that requires summer, humidity and dry weather to grow.&

1. Golden Sweet Tree

It is one of the suitable varieties of apricot trees to grow in your home. It requires −23.3°C to −12.2°C growing temperature, cold winter and 400 to 500 chilling hours.

2. Royal Rosa Tree

This variety of apricot tree does not require much cold weather but requires −1.1°C to 4.4°C growing temperature and 400 hours or Less chilling hours.

3. Autumn Glo Tree

It is a freestone, classic tree variety that requires −12.2°C to −1.1°C growing temperature and 500 chilling hours.

4. Golden Kist Tree

It is a landscape tree that mainly grows in northern areas that require −23.3°C to −12.2°C growing temperature and 300 chilling hours.

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