Cherry Farming Tips in India - Cherry Fruit

Cherry farming is profitable for farmers due to higher demand. With the availability of suitable land and agro-climatic conditions, cherry farming is a lucrative business.
Cherry farming requires cold climates for ideal growth. However, the recommended temperature for growing cherries is 6°C, and spring is best for flower development.
For cherry farming, deep sandy and loam soil is needed. Also, the ideal soil pH range is 6.0 to 7.5, and the soil should have proper water drainage with water holding capacity.

Planting of cherry is done with a spacing of 6 X 6 metres. Also, the land should be ploughed several times to achieve the desired tilth land for cherry farming.

For a profitable yield from cherry farming, weeding is done manually. Also, farmers use different weedicides to prevent the outbreak of weeds, resulting in a high-quality yield.
The harvesting process in cherry farming is carried out by determining the taste and colour of the fruit. However, 20 kg of fruits is obtained from one cherry tree.
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