Cashew Farming Tips In India - Benefits of Cashew Nuts

Farmers can earn a profitable income by cashew farming with proper care. Raw cashews have a low price in the market. Its business is a lucrative business with less investment.
A temperature between 20°C to 30°C is ideal for cashew farming. The annual rainfall between 1000 - 2000 mm is suggested to obtain high-quality cashew production.
Cashews thrive best in deep friable sandy loam soil with proper water drainage. The soil pH level should be slightly acidic for the profitable production of cashews.
It is recommended to prepare cashew fields before the rainy season. The square pattern is adopted for cashew trees, and 150 to 170 cashew trees can be grown on one hectare of land.
Stem and root borer, leaf miner and tea mosquito bugs are the major pests in cashew farming. Damping-off, seedling dieback and twig dieback are common diseases.
Cashew nuts are harvested from February to March. The trees of Cashews can yield upto 20 years. However, manual harvesting is performed for a better yield of cashew.
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