Blueberry Fruit Farming With Essential Information


Blueberries best thrive in warmer climates. When ready for farming, check with the nearest horticulture department for a suitable cultivator for your area's climatic conditions.

Soil Requirement

Crops prefer highly acidic, fertile, aerated, moist and well-drained soils. For optimum growth and yield, soil pH should be between 4.0 and 5.5.

Land Preparation

The land should be levelled and ploughed until it reaches a delicate stage. Weeds need to be eliminated from the main field. 80 cm between rows and 3-meter aisles are advised.

Plant Protection

The primary issue is that these berries are a favourite food for birds, therefore putting netting around the plant to keep birds out of the orchard.


Usually, harvesting will start in Aug. through Sep. They should fall off directly into your hand when they are ready to be harvested.


One can expect 1 kg of fruits per plant in the first harvest. In most cases, Blueberry plants produce fruits for up to 20 to 25 years.

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