New Holland Blue Series Simba 30 Best 4wd Mini Tractor for Farming

Fitted with a 29 HP engine, the Blue Series Simba 30 from New Holland delivers 2800 RPM with 3 cylinders and 1318 cc engine displacement capacity, making it a power-packed choice.
The gearbox of this mini tractor has 9 forward + 3 reverse gears. A single clutch helps in providing smooth gear transitioning, by reducing vibrations and shocks.
The Blue Series Simba 30 tractor from New Holland has a remarkable 750 kg hydraulic lifting capacity, assisting in efficiently using the heavy farming implements.
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An oil-immersed disc braking system allows the operator to safely stop this Blue Series Simba 30 tractor, while ensuring proper control over challenging terrains.
There is a power steering system in this tractor. Hence, the operator can ride it without any tiredness. Also, the power steering is easier to operate with a prompt response.
The Blue Series Simba 30 price in India is Rs. 5.02 - 5.63 lakh in India, with a warranty of 750 hours or 1 year. Therefore, it is a suitable farming choice for everyone.
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