Bitter Gourd Farming Information Guide For Profits

Suitable Soil

Well-drained sandy loam to sandy soil and black soil with rich organic matter is ideal for Bitter Gourd farming.

How To Prepare Land

We should plough the field to obtain the suitable tilth range and 30x30x30 m pits are dug for planting Bitter Gourd.

Climatic Conditions

Bitter Gourd is a warm season crop and it needs subtropical or arid conditions to grow properly.

Irrigation Needs

Drip Irrigation is preferred in Bitter Gourd farming and water is provided every week after planting the seeds.

Harvesting Process

Bitter Gourd matures after 2 months of sowing the seed sowing and harvesting is done every 2 to 3 days.

Bitter Gourd Yield

Various factors decide the output of Bitter Gourd and the average yield is around 8 to 10 ton per hectare.

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