Best 5 Selling Powertrac 4WD Tractor In India

Choosing the right tractor for your field is easy to understand. The 4WD tractors reduce the slippage and help in more production.
Enhanced with 45 horsepower and 3 cylinders. The engine RPM is rated 2200 with 1600 kilograms lifting capacity.
Powertrac Euro 45 Plus 4WD is versatile, durable, and commonly used in crops like wheat, rice, sugarcane, and others. It has a lift capacity of 1500 kg.
Powertrac Euro G28 features superb forward speed. It is manufactured with Multi Plate Oil immersion disc Brake and has a water-cooled system.
Powertrac Euro 60 Next 4wd is a tractor model from Powertrac, an Escorts Group brand, one of India's leading tractor manufacturers. It is a 60 HP tractor with a 4-cylinder.
The engine capacity of Powertrac Euro 55 Next is 3682 cc. It has a 4-cylinder and naturally aspirated diesel engine that generates 1850 engine-rated RPM.
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