Top 5 Best Selling New Holland Tractor Models in India

New Holland tractor price is reasonable in India according to its features. The price range of New Holland tractor models is around Rs. 5.02 to 26.9 lakh in India.
The New Holland 3630 TX Plus+ is a power-packed tractor model with a 55 HP engine and 60-litre fuel tank capacity. Its price range is Rs. 8.00 to 11.00 lakh in India.
This tractor model is fitted with a 65 HP fuel-efficient engine, which performs smoothly in the farming field. Price of New Holland 5620 TX Plus tractor is Rs. 9.51 to 11.60 lakh.
New Holland 3230 TX Super tractor has a 45 HP engine and 1800 kg lifting capacity. This tractor model from New Holland is available for a price of Rs. 6.69 to 8.82 lakh in India.
New Holland 3032 NX is equipped with a high-performing 35 Horsepower engine, the New Holland 3032 NX tractor model is available for Rs. 5.39 to 6.08 lakh in India.
New Holland 3630 TX Special Edition tractor comes with a 55 HP engine to make farming easier.This tractor is available in a price range of Rs. 7.95 to 8.50 lakh in India.
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