Best 5 Selling Massey Ferguson 4WD Tractors In India

With the help of 4WD tractors, farmers can make farming better due to increased grip and superior traction. 4WD tractors save time and labour with higher performance.
The Massey 9500 is a four-wheel drive tractor with unmatched power on every farming terrain. It has a 58 HP engine with a 2050 kg hydraulic lifting capacity.
This Massey tractor has remarkable power on all four wheels, helping farmers achieve more profit. Massey Ferguson 2635 4WD has a 75 HP engine and 2145 kg lifting capacity.
The Massey 5245 DI 4WD gives a best-in-class performance with a four-wheel drive mechanism. It comes with a 50 HP engine and 1700 kg hydraulic lifting capacity.
The Massey 6028 is a 4WD mini tractor, delivering impressively on every farming terrain. This 4WD is equipped with a 28 HP engine and 739 kg lifting capacity.
The Massey 9500 Super Shuttle Series 4WD has a 58 HP engine and 2050 kg lifting capacity, offering remarkable power for every operation in crop production.
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