Best 5 Selling Farmtrac 4WD Tractors In India

Farmtrac 4WD tractors are technologically advanced and ensure fuel efficiency while carrying out farming activities with higher traction and power, leading to higher production.
The Farmtrac 6065 Executive is a powerful tractor with a 4-wheel drive mechanism. It has a 65 HP engine and 2400 kg hydraulic lifting capacity, delivering excellent performance.
Equipped with a 60 HP engine and 1800 kg lifting capacity, this powerful tractor has a four-wheel drive for carrying out farming operations on challenging terrain.
Farmtrac 6045 Executive is fitted with a 45 HP fuel-efficient engine, defining easier operation with its four-wheel drive mechanism. It has a lifting capacity of 1800 kg.
This 50 HP Farmtrac tractor also has a 4X4 transmission, offering higher grip and performance over any field. The Farmtrac 6050 Executive 4WD has an 1800 kg lifting capacity.
The Farmtrac Atom 26 is a 26 4WD mini tractor for efficient farming. This 4X4 tractor can perform essential operations with a strong 750 kg hydraulic lifting capacity.
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