Best 5 Selling Eicher Tractor in India

Eicher tractors offer durability, fuel efficiency, and versatility for farming. With reliable service and advanced features, they boost productivity and value for your farm.
Eicher 485 has a 3-cylinder engine with 45 HP and 38.3 HP PTO. It features an 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gearbox. Prices range from Rs. 6,50,000 to Rs. 6,70,000 in India.
Eicher 551 has 3 cylinders, 49 HP, and 41.7 HP PTO. It features single/dual clutch, mechanical/power steering, 2100 Kg lifting capacity, and 2 WD. The on-road price is Rs. 6.80-7.10 lakh.
The Eicher 333 is a sturdy 36 HP tractor with 3 cylinders, known for its power. It's highly favored among Eicher models, with prices in India ranging from ₹5,45,000 to ₹5,70,000.
The Eicher 380, a 40 hp tractor with a 3-cylinder, 2500 CC engine, produces 34 PTO hp at 2150 RPM. Its 2WD drive and advanced engine features ensure efficient operation during long field work.
The Eicher 241 is popular in the 25 HP class. It has a 1-cylinder, 1557 CC engine running at 1650 RPM. With water-cooled technology and an oil bath air filter, it stays cool and dust-free.
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