Best 5 Rainy Season Flowers in India - Types of flowers

Plumeria flowers have vibrant colours and delicate fragrances. Also, the lush greenery of this rainy season flower farming makes it an eye-catching flower in India.
Pink rain lilies add a charming painting of colour in rainy season flower farming. These beautiful flowers thrive in moist and refreshing atmospheres, and have higher market value.
Purslane's beautiful leaves and attractive blooms make it a vibrant flower in rainy season flower farming. Farmers grow this flower as its leaves can be consumed.
In rainy season flower farming, hibiscus develops well with its stunning, oversized blossoms, improving the landscape with its tropical beauty, making it an ideal flower to grow.
The soothing fragrance of jasmine blossoms evokes a sense of beauty for rainy season flower farming. They are grown for a number of applications, from decoration to cosmetic.
Periwinkle graces rainy season flower farming with its high-quality blooms, adding elegance to the landscape. These plants have dark green foliage with purple flowers.
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