Best 5 Onion Farming Tips in India - Onion Varieties

Agrifound White, Agrifound Dark Red, Agrifound Light Red, Agrifound Rose, Bhima Kiran and Pusa White Round are the popular onion varieties in India for higher profits.
A deep fertile sandy loam to clayey soil is best for onion farming. The soil should be deeply friable and must contain sufficient organic matter for plant development.
Onions thrive best in 70% relative humidity with 650 to 750 mm of annual rainfall. Bulb development and vegetative growth in onions require 13-24˚C and 16-25˚C temperatures.
Multiple ploughings are performed before sowing onions in the field. A sufficient amount of organic manure is provided as well to enhance soil fertility for onion farming.
For onion seed sowing in rows, a quantity of 20 to 25 kg of seeds is needed for one hectare of land. Hoeing is also performed to allow the seeds to reach 2.5-3 cm of depth.
Onions in India are generally harvested twice according to the crop cycle. The initial season of harvesting is Nov to Jan, while the second harvesting season is Jan to May.
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