Best 5 High Protein Rich Vegetarian Foods

Dal or legumes are filled with numerous nutrients and protein is one of them. Dal has all essential amino acids, which are required for the body to build muscles.
Paneer has casein which is a dairy based protein and vegetarians who workout consider it a healthy option for muscle building. 100 gm of paneer gives 10 gm of protein.
Chickpeas have 19 grams of protein per 100 gram serving. As a result, fitness freaks consider them one of the best vegetarian proteins to overcome muscle tears after a workout.
Black beans are another healthy protein option for vegetarians. A half cup serving of cooked black beans are filled with 8 grams of protein with a balanced ratio of amino acids.
Green beans are popular for a number of nutrients. At the same, they help in proper digestion of protein by absorbing the required amount of amino acids for muscle growth.
Spinach consists of around 3 grams of protein. However, the other healthy nutrients of spinach are known for proper absorption of nutrients and promoting detoxification.
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