Guava Fruit Benefits: Best 5 Uses Of Guava Leaves

Eating guavas helps insulin function better to balance sugar levels in the body. This way, guavas reduce the risk of diabetes, making it one of the healthiest fruits.
Guavas contain a rich amount of fibre and are low in calories to help you with weight loss. Also, guavas offer a feeling of fullness due to a high satiety index.
Guavas are rich in astringent properties, which help remove mucus and harmful microbes during cold. Also, they have a healthy amount of vitamin C, which boosts the immune system.
Eating guavas prevents the body from eye-damaging free radicals. This leads to better functioning of the retina, and its regular consumption resists macular degeneration.
Daily consumption of one guava helps fulfill 12 percent of the dietary fiber required per day. Thus, guava is a recommended fruit to ensure a healthy bowel movement.
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