Best 5 Crops to Grow in Monsoon

Kharif crops are also called monsoon crops; these crops are grown in hot and wet conditions. Find here the top 5 crops to grow in the monsoon.


India is one of the world’s most considerable producers of rice and brown rice. It occupied basically one-third of the total cultivated region of India.


Cotton is a range of short, medium and long-staple varieties of Kharif crops and is usually grown in temperatures of 21 to 30 ℃ and a minimum of 50-100 cm of rainfall.


You can grow the sugarcane in the monsoon season only; as it also requires humid and hot weather and agro-climatic regions.


Tea gardens are dynamic in nature and can tolerate high frost and snow as well. The plantation is highly affected by climatic conditions.


Pulse crops are dependent on the monsoon and crops like green gram and black gram are the most important major crops of India in monsoon.

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