Best 10 Agricultural Production Countries 2022

Major Products Obtained From Agriculture

We get different food items, useful fuel, essential fibres and a variety of raw materials as a form of output from numerous crops. Thus, agriculture is beneficial for everyone.


With just 10% of arable land, China is responsible for producing a quarter of the world’s total grain production. Therefore, it is ranked first in the world for farming.

United States Of America

The USA holds second place in terms of agricultural production, and it is recognised as a hub for modern-day agriculture. The major crop production in the USA is Corn.


Brazil comes third in global crop production, and its 7% land is used in the cultivation of soybean. Also, Brazil is known as the largest coffee-producing nation in the world.


India is ranked 4th for agricultural production and the 2nd largest grower of rice. Therefore, Indian agriculture is responsible for the livelihood of 58% of the population.


Russia is 5th on the list of agricultural production. Half of the cultivable land is occupied by cereal production. Also, its crop production covers 6% of the nation’s GDP.

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