Benefits and Effects of using Pesticides in Agriculture

Pesticides are the best innovation for farmers as it supports agricultural and land protection against uninvited plants.

In the following slides, let’s discuss the benefits of pesticide types used during agriculture.

Better Production with Less Land

To cultivate more crops on their land, farmers have started using pesticides, which has resulted in a 20–50% productivity gain.

Preventing the transmission of diseases

Pesticides destroy all types of pests from crops, land, and soil, as well as dangerous waterborne or insect-borne diseases.

Pesticides benefit the environment

To control soil erosion, deforestation, and the depletion of natural resources, pesticides enable lands to farm more crops/areas with less tillage.

Assisting countries become a breadbasket

Pesticides enable farmers to grow two to three crops annually, helping them to act as a breadbasket for nations with shorter growing seasons or periods for harvesting crops.

Preserving post-harvests

The pesticides extend the shelf life of the product stored and help reduce post-harvest losses.

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