Beekeeping Process in India - Honey Bee Farming

Honey bee farming has become popular in recent years because raw honey, beeswax and royal jelly products are in great demand.

Land preparation 

When starting honey bee farming, you should be well-known with apiary farms because it deserves some unique ideas.


Hive conditions play a major role, and hives are divided into 4 parts; Skep, Top Bar, Langstroth and Warre etc. 

About Bees 

Buy good bees and start with the nucleus colony and Apis Dorsata, Apis Indica, Apis Florea, and Apis Mellifera are the types of honey bee farming. 


Equipment conditions depend on your operation's size, the number of colonies, and the type of honey you produce.


Beekeepers harvest the honey bee 2 to 3 times a season/ per year. Honey is usually harvested between June to September. 

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