Basic Requirements For Cashew Nut Farming In India


Sandy Red Soil, Coastal sandy soil, and Laterite soil are all ideal for cashew cultivation.


Cashew nut farming needs well-defined dry weather conditions for at least 4 months, with temperatures between 20 and 30°C.

Land Layout

The field should be prepared before the arrival of the monsoon. In order to promote aeration and moisture conservation, the area should be well-ploughed.

Fertilizers and Nutrients

Following the end of severe rainfall, the best time to apply fertilizer is just afterwards.

Pest and Disease

Around 30 different bug species are estimated to infest cashew. The most common pests are flower thrips, stem and root borer, and fruit and nut borer, which cause a 30% crop loss.

Is growing cashews profitable?

Cashew cultivation is profitable, but with time and work, producers can boost their profit by more than 200%.

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