Banana Farming Tips in India: Banana Fruit

Banana farming in India is popular due to the availability of ideal agro-climatic conditions. As a result, farmers prefer the commercial cultivation of bananas for profits.
It is essential to have fertile soil enriched with organic matter for banana farming. The ideal soil pH level is 6.5 to 7.5, with proper water drainage for a high yield.
Banana is a tropical fruit, and it thrives well in temperatures ranging from 15ºC to 35ºC. Banana cultivation is preferred at 2000m above sea level, with 75-85% relative humidity.
The field must be prepared well before the planting process in banana farming. This is done by multiple ploughings to get the desired tilth land for sowing bananas.
Panama wilt, Anthracnose and Bacterial wilt are common diseases in Banana farming. At the same time, rhizome weevils and leaf-eating caterpillars are mainly found in banana crops.
Bananas are manually harvested to obtain a profitable yield. Apart from this, bananas can be harvested 11 to 17 months after planting, depending upon the variety.
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