Bael Farming Tips in India - Bael Benefits

Several Bael fruit varieties, such as Bengal and Ceylon types, are grown in India. Due to their health benefits, they are used in various dishes and traditional medicines.
Bael trees can thrive in a wide range of soils. However, a well-drained, light sandy loam soil is considered best for their growth and fruit yield. Additionally, Adding organic matter enhances fruit yield.
For Bael farming, start with land preparation by removing weeds from previous crops. Ensure there is no water stagnation in the field, as plants are susceptible to waterlogging.
Bael farming requires minimal water, but a sufficient amount is necessary after fertilizing the young crop. Basin ring or drip systems are considered ideal irrigation methods for cultivation.
To ensure healthy Bael cultivation, promptly remove rootstock suckers. Planting legumes like beans, peas, green grams and black gram in the rainy season aids weed control.
Bael fruit in India is harvested between November and January. Harvesting is done when the fruit reaches maturity. This process ensures optimal flavour and quality.
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