Avocado Fruit Cultivation in India

The avocado is a long-established fruit from Central America and Mexico and is referred to as the "Butter Fruit" in India.

Production States in India

In India, avocado farming is gaining a foothold. However, only a few south Indian states and one north Indian state are currently active in avocado production.

Climate Required

Avocado plants thrive best in real tropical to warmer regions of the temperate zone and are grown in humid tropical and semi-tropical climates.

Soil Requirement

These fruits can be grown on various soils except on poorly drained soils. For best growth, the ideal soil pH should be between 5.0 and 7.0.

Propagation and Planting Material

In India, avocado is spread via seeds, and keeping the seeds in sand or dry peat might boost the viability of sources.

Land Preparation

Give the land a few ploughings to make it weed-free and fine-tilth. Make sure the soil is prepared so that water won't collect.


As soon as the transplanting is finished in the main field, watering should be done in Avacado fruit farming. However, irrigation is not necessary during the rainy season.

Yield of an Avacado Fruit

Each tree can produce 200 to 500 fruits on average per year. On trees that are 10 to 12 years old, a yield of 300 to 400 fruits per tree can be expected.

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