Top 5 Tips For Avocado Farming in India

With over 500 varieties, avocados come in various sizes, shapes, and textures. Each type offers unique characteristics, making avocados versatile and adaptable for different uses.
Avocados grow in India with warmth, humidity, and rainfall of 1000mm yearly. Soil should be rich in organic matter and well-drained. Temperature between 20 and 28°C is best.
Ensure weed-free land and fine tilth with a couple of ploughings. Prevent water stagnation. Boost soil fertility by adding ample farmyard manure or well-decomposed compost for higher yields.
In rainy regions, drip irrigation ensures water supply in droughts & provides efficient fertilization. Precision irrigation feeds avocados slowly, preventing waste & delivering nutrients to roots.
Phytophthora Canker is a common disease in avocado trees. It infects shoots and leaves, spreading through spores from infected plants to healthy ones.
Avocado harvest starts after three years of tree growth. They're picked when ripe, usually between February and October, varying by type and climate.
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