Apricot Farming Cultivation - Know Complete Guide

Climatic Condition

The finest places to cultivate apricots with white flesh and tasty kernels are arid climate regions up to 3000 m.s.l.


Their growth and yield are best in deep, well-drained soils with plenty of organic matter.

Land Preparation 

Typically, apricot plants are planted 6 metres by 6 metres apart. Place the nursery-grown 1-year seedlings in the middle of the pit and transplant them to the main field.


Irrigation is necessary for apricots, especially when the fruit is developing. The irrigation frequency is influenced by the kind of soil, the age of the trees, and the weather.


Apricot trees attain maximum fruit-bearing stage at 8 to 10 years after planting. Fully ripened fruits can be harvested for drying, freezing and canning purposes.


A yield of 50 to 85 kg per tree, or 15 to 25 tonnes per hectare, can be achieved in apricot farming.

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