ACE Tractor - An Economical Tractor Range in India

ACE manufactures top-class tractor models at an economical range with ample technological features that make them compatible with other applications.

1. ACE DI-305NG

It is a 2WD tractor that comes in 26 HP engine power and 22 PTO HP with 2044 CC generates 1800 ERPM. The ACE DI-305NG price starts from Rs. 4.05 Lakhs to Rs. 4.35 Lakhs.

2.  ACE DI-854NG

It is a 32 HP tractor model which is fitted with an efficient and potential engine of 2858 CC that generates 1800 ERPM. The ACE DI-854NG price begins from Rs. 4.50 Lakhs to Rs. 4.53 Lakhs.


One of the best utility tractor models that fits into the farmer’s budget comes in 45 HP. The ACE FORMA DI 450 price range starts at Rs. 5.18 Lakhs to Rs. 5.28 Lakhs.

4. ACE DI 7575

The most demanding and popular heavy-duty tractor model comes in 75 HP with 4088 CC engine capacity that generates 2200 ERPM. The ACE DI 7575 price is Rs. 7.56 Lakhs to Rs. 7.86 Lakhs.

5. ACE DI 9000 4WD

It is a 88 HP 4WD heavy-duty tractor model that comes with full of reliable feature that makes it ideal for farming and commercial activities as well. The ACE DI 9000 4WD price starts from Rs. 15,60,000 - Rs. 15,75,000 in India.
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