A Short Guide to Grow Sunflowers

Cultivation areas in India

Many parts of India grow sunflowers as a Zaid season crop. Sunflowers are commonly grown in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Bihar.

Soil Required and Sowing Time

By the end of January, sunflower seeds should be planted. Both black soils and sandy loam soils are ideal for growing sunflowers. The soils should be fertile and well-drained.


For a sunflower crop, 9–10 irrigations are usually ideal. The soil type and climate influence the precise number. 30 days after seeding, provide the first irrigation.


Honeybees are excellent pollinators of sunflower crops. If honeybees are not present, alternate-day hand pollination in the morning is recommended.


Harvest as soon as the leaves dry up and the backs of the sunflower heads become lemon yellow. This indicates that the crop of sunflowers is ready to be picked.

Separating Seeds

Heads are divided and dried for two to three days. This makes the process of sorting seeds easier. To remove the seeds from the heads, you can either thrash, beat, or rub the heads.

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