A brief about spirulina farming

What is it?

It is a type of farming that is grown in water and does not require or come in contact with land. It requires a container of water in which spirulina, in its algae form, is harvested.

How profitable is spirulina farming?

The production of spirulina farming can vary from 100-130 Kg per month. Dry spirulina powder can create a sales value of around Rs 600 per Kg. Hence, a farmer can earn about Rs 40k-45k per month.

What is its harvesting period?

Spirulina takes about 3-6 weeks of time to harvest. A survey indicates that a spoonful of spirulina is enough for consumption at a time.

Spirulina harvest in a day

With some basic knowledge, spirulina can be easily harvested. A reasonable size pond (6mX80m) can yield as much as 5 Kg of dry spirulina a day.

 The kind of water required

Spirulina farming can only be done in fresh lakes, rivers and ponds. It grows best in environments with moderate temperatures and high levels of sunlight.

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